The Government of the United States That Gives To Bigotry No Sanction.


For happily the government of the Untied States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support. – George Washington – 1790

I have written using these words before but at the present they are very relevant. Again needed for the likes of Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz in his bid to be considered the most religious of the candidates and lashes out against the decision of the Supreme Court to once and for all remove the bigotry and persecution of the rights found in marriage by Gay Men and Women.  He fans the flames of a religious based persecution of the LGBT citizens of the US and fails as a good citizen to support of the government which he wishes to rule.


Cruz said he would support Texas state clerks who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of religious objections.  The vision of his desires to rule a Religious Based Government comes through in this statement.

There are many things this Constitutional Nation

having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy, a policy worth of imitation. [where-sic] All possess alike liberty of conscience and communities of citizenship – George Washington – 1790

has struggled to put right over the 2+ centuries of it’s existence the very essence of these promises our Founding Fathers had struggled to bring to the world.

An objection of a cleric to perform a ceremony for a Gay couple would be protected by the ruling of the Supreme Court and is clearly outlined in the court’s position. However a public servant, who does not have to work for the government, making such a judgment decision would no longer provide for that government, as outlined by Washington in 1790, which gives to bigotry no sanction.

What Cruz and now many clerics now threaten is a persecution of a Gay Couple from the rights of dignity and the pursuit of happiness.  To Cruz, the Gay Couple is guilty by flagitium, therefore without rights, that the governmental clerk is justified in the administration of punishment and persecution by refusal.

The opposite is the truth,  it is the right for the individual clerk to refuse to keep his position and resign.   As a governmental authority in a Government founded on the basis of inalienable rights that forbids the government from taking such action of bigotry, he has only that right.

Senator Cruz has a vision of a nation that is not without bigotry or persecution.  He projects a vision of a Religious rule of law for his own benefit of power.  A Religiously bigoted society with a government that fails to reflects the diverse thoughts of the Founding Fathers, who knew first hand the power of government to attack individuals on religious grounds.

Senator Cruz now, as a Presidential Candidate, supports local governmental rebellion at the individual level.  He like most Republican Conservatives attempts to masks open bigotry behind the belief that the legality of same-sex marriage should be left to each state to decide.

But this policy is in direct opposition of James Madison’s very proposals for the Bill of Rights.  Madison convinced by Thomas Jefferson to introduce the Bill of Rights also cautioned of the power of state governments ability to abuse personal rights.

I think the there is more danger of those powers being abused by state governments than by the government of the United States. .. if not controlled by the general principal that laws are unconstitutional which infringe the right of the community.James_Madison

I have now proposed; because it must be admitted on all hands that the state governments are as liable to attack these invaluable privileges … and, therefore ought to be as cautiously guarded against.   –  James Madison June 8, 1789


 The Founding Fathers had vision for a nation to prevent the abuses  that had solidified over thousands of years.  Their vision to grow a nation without sanction to bigotry.  Yes, it takes time and the experiment is far from finished.   They never rested against having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy, a policy worth of imitation. They realized the bigotry of one man seeking election or 100 such others could endanger these rights using the very government itself.  So they warned us on these abuses of state lawmakers that Therefore ought to be as cautiously guarded against.


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SCOTUScare – more carefully the Government Cares

The Supreme Court pushed out and away the partisan political quagmire and provided a Constitutional affirmation in the separation of powers in the US governmental process today. Their ruling today as an interpretation as to the Intent of Congress on the Affordable Care Act. They presented the Citizens of the US with a supreme vision of the triple powers of the different branches laid out by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

So often in the the 1700s there were worries of the powers of the newly formed Federal Government. Today these miss-givings and worries continued after nearly two and one-third centuries of operation.

the judicial power of the United States will lean strongly in favor of the general government, and will give such an explanation to the Constitution as will favor the extension of its jurisdiction

The judicial are not only to decide questions arising upon the meaning of the Constitution in law but also in equity. By this they are empowered to explain the spirit of it, without being confined to words or letter.

the judges will be interested to extend the power of the courts

When the courts have a precedent before them of a court which extended its jurisdiction in opposition to an act of the legislature, is it not to be expected that they will extend theirs

So explained “BRUTUS No. 11” January 31, 1788 in the New-York Journal and Weekly Register (commonly thought to be Robert Yates New York Supreme Court Chief Justice) robertyates

The Supreme Court of the United States today decided the equity of the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The courts had a precedent before them in opposition to an act of the legislature. Yet they did not oppose it along political leanings as Brutus so worried those two centuries ago.

They provide as the founding fathers so wished. They provide an interpretation of meaning (an equity) that was lacking in the words of the law. They found a remedy to the inflexibility of words alone in the law even though there are more than 381 thousand of them. The action was the very essence of the written Constitution founding the federal judiciary.

There has not been such a issue like this act that has divided this country in such a manner since possibly the issues leading to civil war, itself. Yet it is as if the founding fathers reached out from years ago and made the preamble to guide us through.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

promote the general Welfare… secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

Despite the dissenting opinion of the minority court that hung on ever word in a literal sense. The minority ranted against the majority opinion that there was not intent or equity, they found only the words without equity.

Yet, all those who lived during the debate and cheered the passage of the act know so much differently, the intent of the bill. The intent was to promote the general Welfare of the Free People of these United States of America. The intent was to free the common citizen from the shackles of medical insurance slavery. To replace the taxing of property and personal income with an equitable sharing of the costs and provide for the ability of the sick to seek proper medical care regardless of the start of their malady without discrimination.

Thank the Founding Fathers for allowing the Majority Court the power to hold tight the tiller in the storm. And thank you Majority Court for contradicting the fears of Brutus No. 11 and by the equity you have provide for the Common American.


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Japan is the only Country that got it right.

One of the fiercest and most bloodthirsty nation-state tribes on earth until Sep 02, 1945.  But since then no other nation-state has got it right.  No, not the United States, not Germany, not France, Britain or Russia.  No-one  in the Middle East, Not China, nor even those in Africa or South America.  One could banter that Switzerland may have a hint but in reality they were not faced with the monumental task of reversal that the Japanese had to exhibit.

Yet somehow the Japanese nation has become the the single nation that understands war and its meaninglessness toward objectives of mankind.


“The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win”  Miyamoto Musashi

Such comments from a warrior that lived nearly 4 centuries ago provide the context for a Nation Tribe to rise to a world power in the 1930s and 1940s.  A power that dominated far east Asia and threatened the US.

Almost ever single Japanese military personnel wanted nothing more than to kill ever single man, woman and child that opposed them.  Their ability to do so was not far from becoming a reality in the late 1930’s.  The nation tribe of Japan pushed their concept of the ideal warrior tribal state into a a near fatal self annihilation of themselves and at the cost of of millions of souls.

It is the ability of the nation tribe to build itself into such a state that it thinks as a singular entity a religion  (organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.) that is contrary to the existence of man himself.

There are currently those neo-nation tribes today that are pushing their ideology into the realm of faith regardless of basis.  These too will bring their nation tribe to the brink of extinction.  Their leaders blinded by their ambition to equate the deity to themselves.


The Japanese military leader’s ambitions for the tribal nation state of Japan, used Hirohito or during these times known as Emperor Shōwa, to begin the fatal tribal struggle and false enlightenment or what can be described as the false dream of power caused by tribal national awareness.  Yet it is also true that this quiet man, worshiped as a deity found the courage and will to return his people to the true nature of humanity at the expense of this centuries old religion in which he retained the unlimited power sought by so many today of being GOD.

His fateful leadership in this era produced enlightened reversal of the ultimate destruction in the spiral destiny of the tribal nation state.   He started this in the broadcast to those that completely and intensely worshiped him as GOD.  Very few mortal humans have attained this status within a nation tribe.   His subjects would die without hesitation in his name, yet he gently saw the fatal flaws in the nation tribe and renounced this for his subjects in what is known as the “Jewel Voice Broadcast”  August 15, 1945

“…the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives. Should We continue to fight, not only would it result in an ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation, but also it would lead to the total extinction of human civilization.” – Emporer Showa (Hirohito) Imperial Rescript on the Termination of the War

Without a doubt it took extraordinary events found the final sentence to bring him to this enlightenment.  Those words should shake all that read them.  Though there are very few tribal nation leaders in history or today that have attained this enlightened understanding of the ultimate destiny for every tribal nation.

The vision that Hirohito saw should be seen as the ultimate Platonic Ruler.  To give up being GOD for the sake of humanity as a whole cannot be anything less than prophetic.


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Why did God allow himself to be invented?

Oh there are those that would argue that it is the free will of men that have allowed such things.  They believe on a saturated level the almost insistence of God, a god or divine being.  Yet, it is this insistence that provides for some of the most horrific malefaction against mankind.  The recent murder of James Foley  by the ISIL criminal goup provides for nothing more than the exhibition of a criminal mind twisted by the insistent belief of a God.

Insistence: the act of demanding something or saying something in a way that does not allow disagreement

 Unfortunately, insistence is not belief nor would it ever be considered as belief by any divine being, god or God.  Though the acts of both the religious and the insane feign at belief without knowing of their insistence.

Belief:  a feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true.

There are about 4,200 religions in the world.  Roughly one deity for ever 240 million persons in the world.

Often God, god or a divine being is described as being omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power) and omnibenevolence (perfect goodness). But if God is omnibenevolent and perfect in goodness why did this divine entity allow itself to be invented or even revealed?  A perfect goodness God or deity could not let themself be used by mortal man in such brutal justifications as very often are found throughout the centuries of religious killings.    


If you listened to Albert Einstein professing Spinozian beliefs in that the deity is seperated from us in action but found in the surroundings in the order of the universe and nature. This Spinozinian deity exists around but does not act upon or with man.  Man is left to his own devices.

Such thought as Baruch Spinoza’s pushes the idea that the deity is only visible in the surroundings but does not interact with man.  This thought allows for the divine discovery but not divine intervention.  The deity can be detected by man in the surroundings of his existence.  Mankind cannot be held accountable for detecting an order that implies a deity.

But mankind can be held accountable of his invention.  Man’s invention that he is a follower following the deity.  Man admires God.

Follow: to accept as a guide or leader; accept the authority of or give allegiance to; to imitate or copy; use as an exemplar; to conform to, comply with, or act in accordance with; obey:

Following: the body of admirers, attendants, patrons, etc., of someone or something:

 Man is often is described as made in God’s image by Christian thoughts.  But in reality God is often invented in with an insistence by man’s image of himself as a deity.

god+meThe picture of the young woman with a teeshirt that says God + Me = Infinity in all it’s innocence of devotion and empowerment actually invents for the individual a level of invincibility or diving power.

While mathematically, with the deity being infinite and man being some finite number adding will always equals infinity, in this thought there becomes a connotation of equality with the deity. It defines an equation that the deity is not completly infinite without a “me”.  Man invents a completeness of the divine in his actions.

This invention is seen time after time in historical references.  God was seen on both sides of Great War as on their side.  Wars can be “just” in the name of the deity.  War is the result of sins by man against the deity.  The Christian kill the Jews and Muslims in God’s name.  The Muslims kill the Christians in God’s name.  Christian’s kill Christians in the Protestant era of Europe.  Muslim kill Hindus on the order of 80 million in the conquest years of 1000 to 1500 A.D.  The Jews killed Samaritins in 128 BC to stop the conversion of Jews.  The Serers in Western Africa have been killed and persecuted since the 11th century by those doing the work of the deity.


As Thomas Jefferson pointed out that some men of God invent God to their benifit. This furthers from corrupton into religious justification for acts of horrible levels.

Religious persecution: the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs or affiliations or lack thereof.

In all these acts it is man’s invention of himself as being God’s equal.  Man in forcing or changing the world to match the understanding or belief of the deity that he himself has.

If the deity is not able or not willing to act on behalf of itself but only placed order in universe of nature as Spinoza believed, then one can forgive the deity for not taking a hand in the criminal nature of man against his neighbor. But if the deity takes action within the existence of the universe and active participation the actions of man in either approval or direct intervention, then one would have to ask the question of why man is allowed to create reasons and invoke the deity as that reason in such atrocities?  Why has God allowed himself to be equated in the manner by man’s belief of equality in this invention?

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No way to delay that trouble coming every day

It is a shame that the flower power generation now leaves the world with more wars and more of a right wing police state than that found under under the leaders they protested.


To be continued after you think about it.

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The Concept of God (the gift of special knowledge from unknown origin)

So often through life I have struggled with the concept of God and my understanding of what it is I believe.  I do this not just because of having been around the concept my entire life, not because as an trained practicing engineer I try every day to understand the workings of that which surrounds me. If God exists, whether power or physically, God must show existence through function. How does God work?  I struggle with this engineering viewpoint.


My Mother, a devout Roman Catholic, who struggled even while traveling in remote India to bring her three children to church on Sunday morning.  Aghast that the guide had brought her and her trailing young children to an Anglican church instead of the Roman Catholic mass she had been promised.  Immediately breaking out back to the car to find the proper house of God.  Arriving nearly at the end of the Roman Catholic Mass going on, she placed a large amount cash (for her I am sure) into the offering bin to make up for the failings of the guides assumed as her own.

Did that offering provide her with a feeling of penance?  Did it allow for her feelings of offsetting the guilt she obviously felt for failure to assure her children and herself could fulfill their Catholic obligation of attending mass on Sunday even in a remote non Catholic country like 1968 India?  She appeared to me satisfied and assured that she had shown her young offspring that every struggle to show devotion to God must be taken.

When I was a young man I witnessed another such act of contrition for the feeling of failure.  A young woman in the Philippines who struggled through the poverty of her station in life by spending her days with young men from foreign countries traveling while they provided clothes and food for her daily needs.  When the touring arrived at a nearby Roman Catholic church this young woman, who was strong and direct in her understanding of what needed to happen in daily life would not walk in the church.  No, instead she entered the church kneeling before the door and moved the entire time to the altar and back on her knees.  She never once stood while inside.  Once outside she rose and back to her direct and happy nature.  What appeared to make her almost happier by the experience was yet a question in by then growing engineering mind.

The concept that God grants a gift of special knowledge in those that struggle to understand the idea of his very nature may not be a new one but it has, for me at least, become a central theme in the unraveling of the existence or reality of God.  For both my Mother and the young Filipino woman, God appeared to provid them with knowledge (some may say feeling) that their mere struggle to show deference for God’s existence would make a difference.


Though I have spent hundreds of hours studying with numbers of religions what it is they, and hopefully find what I, believe about the concept of God it has fallen back on the continual revelation of the gift of special knowledge from unknown origin.  Those who show and in some cases struggle to show deference to concept of God are granted from time to time the ability to understand things, know things that they could not have knowledge of and realize a change that makes a difference in their concepts, capabilities and abilities in daily life.

While I could reveal several such instances in my life, some more important than others,  I have have chosen one that most recently shown evidence of this concept in my life.  It by far is not the most exacting and revealing, nor the example most remote vivid revelation of this concept.  It is merely a simple example that is not much different than those shown above of my Mother and the young Filipino woman.

a-saint-deep-in-a-prayerA longtime friend of mine whom I had not seen in years was dieing of asbestosis.  He like all of us as young men had been exposed to asbestos on merchant vessels bringing people their goods to buy in the stores from foreign lands or the gasoline to put into their cars to bun.  The fibers lodged in his lungs were killing him in such a way that, when I saw him for the first time in nearly ten years, he had to have a small button near him that would provide a small pump of morphine to reduce the pain as he struggled to raise his chest to pull in life’s breath. While visiting I ask mundane questions of to keep his attention and about his new tractor he had, I asked if he had shown his son how to drive it.  He thought, turned to his wife and almost cried that he had not done that yet.  I was not sure if it was a struggle to warn his wife or a wish that he wanted to do that.

That evening and for the next week of nights I prayed to God to allow him to do just that.  To get well enough for even a little bit to teach his son how to drive the new tractor.  It was the only fair thing for God to do to show his worth, of course.  After a week one night I suddenly changed my prayer.  I don’t know why or what changed but I suddenly felt that God needed and would do what is best for my friend and that it must be that alone.  The next day I learned that my friend had passed that night.

Upon hearing of my friends passing I began considering that once again I had a been granted a special knowledge of events that I did not know.  The sense of change that what must be done was for my friend not my need to prove God existed by some miracle.  The knowledge had no origin it just arrives.

I still unbolt and analyze these events in my life to understand the concept of God.  I struggle with each event to understand how it could happen.  It is unfortunately the curse of an engineer to understand that which is not or maybe some would say cannot be understood.  But if not understood, by me at least, I can publish the thought for others who may someday understand.


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Mr. Obama Please!

I see you have been re-elected. I see you have found new themes, new agendas. You shout them on the television. You shout them in the schools. Do not forget the reasons for our votes from day one.

Why have we not closed Guantanamo? It is not the America I want to be.

You talk about the 20 children of Bridgeport. Surely it was such a horrific event but what of the 3,257 children lost in Mr. Bush’s War in Afghanistan?   You promised that you would end it. When will those children come home?  When will these children stop dying?

Why are we still in Afghanistan? It is not the America I want to be.

But is war the true remedy? Who will profit by it ? Speculators – a few lucky merchants who draw prizes in the lottery – commissaries and contractors. Who must suffer by it?

The people. It is their blood, their taxes, that must flow to support it

– John Randolph of Virginia Dec,1811


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Why the Left View is necessary

Very often I find discussions about politics and the discussion at lunch with work colleagues pushes into the vision of left or right.  So often too the general discussion is about how the right views offer true freedom and is best for business.  There is a pause on whether it is better to answer such basic claims with the facts of what the whole American Experience began.  I am sure those loyal to the British Crown in the 1770s were considered the Right Wing while those radical revolutionaries prompting liberty and the rights of the people were consider leftist. (Though the definitions as such were not formed until the French Revolution 1789–1796,where it referred originally to the seating arrangements in the legislative bodies of France. The Aristocracy sat on the right of the Speaker and the commoners sat on the Left, hence the terms Right-wing politics and Left-wing politics.)

Those that wanted to keep the status quo to advance the causes of the landed gentry or those with high incomes are the right.  Those that wanted something better were considered the left.  The left thinks about the advancement of mankind while the right thinks of the advancement of a (rich) man.





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“Alone?”, says the Engineer

Sometimes I think I am alone and then I walk outside during a gentle thunderstorm.  I hear the leaves dancing in the raindrops recycled by the earth’s endless evaporation cycles constantly recycling the water that flows in the streams, provides entertainment in the lakes and drips off my forehead in the heat. The flowers turning toward the sky to catch the drops singing with their color to attract the flying insects that cycle the pollination between them.

Next to me I see the snails scurry in slow motion up the peach tree.  Their eyes reaching forward leading almost pulling them on in the excitement they see ahead.  They must be wondering why their torso does not hurry too.  Suddenly a water drop rolls off the green leaf above and the eye with the speed the snail so often desires moves back into the protective shell and hides.

Squirrels quickly scamper, tails bouncing to find their hidden spot of safety.  The rumble of distance thunder explaining to them of the coming rain.

It is in all these things that I find that I am not alone, indeed.  How wonderful to be amongst this crowd, this feeling of alive.


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They have lost the here and now! Social Ghosts of today!


Went to lunch with my son for Father’s day and I noticed how the young persons today spend their entire lives with friends right next to them but they are busy typing to friends that are in their handheld devices.  I watched three young men waiting for at least an hour for a seat in a popular restaurant and when their little pager for a table went off they were busy typing one last message to their electronically connected friends.

Two finally awoke from their electronic absence and started for the restaurant door to claim their table.  One spent at least 4 more minutes typing away why his friends paced, in the now, aware that they had to move to claim their table but the busy chatter was unwilling to return to his local friends.

The fanatical typing to electronic friends and the failure to socialize with those you are present with makes the connected youth of today social ghosts walking as if dead to the here and now of their existence within the daylight.  All the great aspects of living are lost in the Facebook posting which is a plague brought on society by an inventive youth.

The coolness of the morning breeze that passed through the shading trees on what was surely going to be hot day was lost on these elsewhere youths.  The brightness of the blue sky spread with creamy clouds were not seen.  The boisterous sound of the waiting crowd bubbling with repeated laughter of the gleeful conversations of their meeting lost to the intense effort needed toward finding the right acronym to type in the screen.

I am so sad for those that have been caught up in the electronic connection found at the expense of atoms vibrating through everyone’s body intent on delivering a simple LOL to a recipient unable to see past the little black screen.  Social Ghosts walking blankly through life as it happens around them,

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