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A President that cannot bring himself to say I’m Sorry

 I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no one among you wise enough to settle a dispute between the brothers, …         – 1 Corinthians 6:1-20 The Religious Right is so enamoured with … Continue reading

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The Rich Guys are disruptive? The Revolution is not theirs!

In a recent interview the new White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci made one of the most incredibly bourgeoisie analogies ever.  The better-than-though elitist fancies himself a Founding Father. “This nation is a disruptive start-up,” Scaramucci told the BBC’s “Newsnight” … Continue reading

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A place to hold on too!

America is in for a big roller coaster ride.  President Elect is attacking individual US companies for political gains.  I believe he feels he is the Teddy Roosevelt of his times. The attack on Boeing this morning for apparently no … Continue reading

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The King is Dead! All Hail the King!

Well it has happened.  The United States of America has decided to cut its’ nose off for the sake of change.  The Political establishment has lost!  Did it?  Banished from the Kingdom!   Will it? We find that the US … Continue reading

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Texas Voter ID Law I am sorry Sir.  That is not a valid ID.  You need an ID to vote!  

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Mr. Trump Fails at American Citizenship

The first duty of an American citizen, then, is that he shall work in politics; his second duty is that he shall do that work in a practical manner; and his third is that it shall be done in accord … Continue reading

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The Government of the United States That Gives To Bigotry No Sanction.

For happily the government of the Untied States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their … Continue reading

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SCOTUScare – more carefully the Government Cares

The Supreme Court pushed out and away the partisan political quagmire and provided a Constitutional affirmation in the separation of powers in the US governmental process today. Their ruling today as an interpretation as to the Intent of Congress on … Continue reading

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No way to delay that trouble coming every day

It is a shame that the flower power generation now leaves the world with more wars and more of a right wing police state than that found under under the leaders they protested.   To be continued after you think … Continue reading

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The devil in God

Sorry, I have been offline for sometime now and have not posted.  Mostly a mix of extreme busy mode at work , having been given significantly more responsibility and basic failure to see a subject that really walks out of … Continue reading

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