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War and Wars .. any wars usually comments about the need for war. This is not the historical study of war that is another subject

Why did God allow himself to be invented?

Oh there are those that would argue that it is the free will of men that have allowed such things.  They believe on a saturated level the almost insistence of God, a god or divine being.  Yet, it is this … Continue reading

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On Nuclear Proliferation

[click FS to see pictures full-screen; for picture info click the i in the top corner] Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for a virtual tour.   The current climate of the Iranian question of obtaining nuclear capabilities and all … Continue reading

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Thank You, Mr. Obama and Thank You Soldiers!!!!

The war with Saddam was brought to a close today in a quiet ceremony in Iraq.  It was quickly pushed to the back of the television news behind the enlightenment of a gutteral (vocal fry) sound found in modern young … Continue reading

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