The Rich Guys are disruptive? The Revolution is not theirs!

In a recent interview the new White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci made one of the most incredibly bourgeoisie analogies ever.  The better-than-though elitist fancies himself a Founding Father.

“This nation is a disruptive start-up,” Scaramucci told the BBC’s “Newsnight” program on Wednesday evening.

“It was a group of rich guys that got together and said, you know what, we’re going to break away from the other country and start our own country,”  

When in fact this nation was not a bunch of rich guys that started this country.  For the most part it was the American Revolutionary Soldier making less than 3 milled Spanish Dollars a year that won the battles.  The viewpoint produces a diminution on the efforts of the soldier starving at Valley Forge that secured Mr. Scaramucci’s ability to rise to the American Wealthy High Class Bourgeois.   His indignant statement and those of his immediate boss are reminiscent of the type of commentary the British Royal Elite and French Royal Elite gave out prior to the American and French Revolutions that ousted them.

Yes, the representatives from each of Colonies sent to the First Continental Congress  were literate and being literate brought with it a certain equality of opportunity.   Literacy at that time brought with it a means for the Founders to become at the time “Middle Class” a level below the  extremely wealthy Royal Gentry and the poor uneducated found at the time in Europe.  The poor could not afford to come to America.

The founders focused on freedom from the Aristocratic nature of the European nations and their unequal system of  laws that proliferated the rights of the wealthy.  This thinking went so far as to have John Adams advocated for laws to force families to divide their wealth amongst their children, to prevent European style aristocratic estates.  An inheritance “stamp” tax was first levied in 1797 under President John Adams.


Yes, the founding fathers were well off and had free time to become and work as statesmen. Yes Mr Scaramucci is a self-made man who came from humble roots.  He is not equal to the founders though he and his boss may fancy themselves as such.  The two are fast to bring up their wealth and status above those that would have asked for their help for equality.  This requirement for the sustaining the common man was never lost on the founders.

While President Trump and Mr. Scaramucci may act and say things that they are for disruption to help the little guy.  Each move the President makes is disruption for the advancement and formation of an American Aristocracy.

The Trump [tax] plan would give those earning more than $3.4 million an average tax cut of $937,700, while the average family earning less than $25,000 would receive a cut of . . . $40. Put another way, the plan would be 23,500 times better for the ultra-rich than the poor. (1.)

The death tax punishes families for achieving the American dream. Therefore, the Trump plan eliminates the death tax. (2.) [Make way for the wealthy American Aristocracy]

The [Trump]  plan would reduce the top rate on individual income tax — now 39.6 percent for income over around $470,000 for a married couple — to 35 percent. But that’s only part of the gain for high-income earners. It also would eliminate a 3.8 percent tax, used to help fund Obamacare, that applies to investment income over $250,000 for a couple. (3.)

The American revolutionary opinion was not solely driven by taxes, rather it was a principle based on ideas of Enlightened thinking on the aspects of life as the fundamental natural rights . The Trumpist find the natural rights of other Americans alien and unjust. They attack them at every chance.

  • Trumps ban demonizes refugees as criminals and supporters of terror.
  • The Trump administration is slashing emergency funds for refugees
  • Trump has stripped non-citizens of Privacy Act protections
  • Trump and his administration consistently ignore human rights abuses outside
    U.S. borders and  in many cases, praising leaders.
  • Trump has threatened to end funding for the UN and specifically the UN Population Fund, which provides contraceptives to tens of thousands of women in Africa
  • Delayed increases in overtime for women
  • Trump’s administration made no movement on equal pay

The list gets too long for this blogger.

Which side of the American revolution are Trump and Scaramucci really on?

These rebels were nothing more than a cancerous tumor that had to be expelled in order to reinstitute British authority.  – British Parliament viewpoint 1777 

This viewpoint by the British Aristocracy during the American Revolution is much like the Deep State paranoia in the White House.  Here they claim there is a network of embedded members of the government’s agencies or military who operate against a democratically elected government. It works to undermine an elected president’s authority or legitimacy as has been common in countries such as Egypt and Turkey.

So Mr. Scaramucci it is not that you are bunch of Rich Guys disrupting for the betterment of mankind.  You are disrupting to make the case for the Rich to get richer and an American Aristocracy.  You Disruptors should be careful of the American Revolution, who it belongs too and heed it’s results.

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