Rules by which to make a Great America into a small one or worse.

An ancient sage (Benjamin Franklin) once wrote in parody about the best way to decline of the British State in 1773.  Rules by which a Great Empire may be reduced to Small One – London Published Advertiser- 1773.   “The affairs leave no time for fiddling'”  he wrote.

Some of his treaties towards the oppressive English reign are true today in the Trump- Bannon Economic Nationalist Movement agenda for destruction of the US World Order and dismissal of progressive advances in freedoms of the last century.


..strike them deeper, whenever the injured come to the capital with complaints of maladministration, oppression, or injustice, punish such suitors with long delay and enormous expense, and a final judgment in favor of the oppressor.  This will have an admirable effect every way.  The trouble of future complaints will be prevented, and governors and judges will be encouraged to further acts of oppression and injustices; and thence the people may be come more disaffected, and at length desperate.

If you are told of discontents ….never believe that they are general, or that yu have given occasion for them; … Take all your informations of the state from your governors adn officers in enmity with them.  Encourage and reward these leasing makers; secrete their lying accusations, lest they be confuted; but act upon them as the clearest evidence; and believe nothing you hear from the friends of the people.  Suppose all … complaints to be invented and promoted by a few factious demagogues.

If you see rival nations rejoicing at the prospect of your disunion…. let not that alarm or offend you.  Why should it since you … mean the same thing?

-Benjamin Franklin -1773

Much of Ben Franklin’s jesting could be applied today to those of the Trump Administration and more directly pointed at the Chief Whitehouse Strategist, Steven Bannon.

On his view of a Free Press.

The media is the opposition party

“They’re corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda

On his views of how to accomplish his agenda.

“I’m a Leninist … Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

In fact, the similarities with Mr Bannon’s statement of being a Leninist is stark in the similarities of the current White House efforts using Executive Order to push it’s agenda in an attempt to bypass  other two parts of the Constitutional US Government and isolate the free press which does not promote their agenda. (Luckily they have not, to date, been able strip the power from them as Lenin was able to do in Russia)

When the Bolshevik Party seized power in the October Revolution.   Lenin implemented his agenda in ruling by decree from the Sovnarkom.  One was the Decree on the Press which closed down many opposition media outlets which were deemed counter-revolutionary. Another nationalised foreign trade, establishing a state monopoly on imports and exports. Yet, ultimately, he dissolved the (Russian) Assembly, calling his action ‘true democracy’ because he knew the needs of the proletariat (Russian people) better than they did.

A person from the Republican Party would now argue that Mr. Bannon is not asking for a Marxist Communist government.  They would retort ” that is what the leftist liberals want to form.  This is fake news”   However, they fail to understand the methodology  Lenin used to consolidate power in his movement and the ways to remove any that opposed their agenda versus economic targets of the movement.  They fail to understand the subtle differences between the Leninist-Marxist government and that of the Stalinist-Marxist government.  They understand only from their childhood and history books. During this effort Trotsky justified the actions saying that:

‘We have trampled underfoot the principles of democracy for the sake of the loftier principles of a social revolution” – Trotsky

Mao Zedong used the Leninist model to consolidate a government in China in the name of marxist communism.  It was after this establishment that the Mao regime became a Stalinist style totalitarian state.  So often Mao was the ideal Marxist-Leninists and later powers used the term Marxist-Leninist-Mao.

The difference in the states is what  Mao and Stalin did was economics not in how totalitarian power is consolidated.   Both came to power in a state using Leninist methodologies.  Albeit Stalin in an indirect means via the untimely death of Lenin and murder of Trotsky.

The methodology  of carving out power is shockingly  similar of Mr. Bannon’s current agenda through POTUS Donald Trump.

Let’s hope we don’t one day here the Leninist Bannon  announce;

” We have trampled underfoot the principles of democracy for the sake of the loftier principles of the Economic Nationalist Revolution.”

Let’s hope the damage to done by Bannon’s Leninist agenda  is only economic damage and not ideological or political.  What is at stake is not the freedom of the American Colonies from the rule of Great Britain but the Global democratic flame of freedom our fathers fought for in WWII.








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