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America is in for a big roller coaster ride.  President Elect is attacking individual US companies for political gains.  I believe he feels he is the Teddy Roosevelt of his times.

The attack on Boeing this morning for apparently no reason is yet another sign of his Putin like agenda.  Much as Putin upset and attacked those that opposed or did not pay him homage during his rise it seems that Mr. Trump is about to take the same path into self admiration orbit.

I wonder if he has plans to fire or sideline the tax auditor that is looking into his taxes once he takes power?  He will be the President of the United States and not subject to conflict of interest will he not?  Or so the grandeurs of his mind may paint the wall.

Soon after Vladimir Putin took power he began to oppose certain businesses in Russia that were opposed to his reducing the freedoms of pressure.  He began a campaign based on perceived threats with punitive actions.

Who knows what set off Mr. Trump to start this attack on Boeing but given a proven penchant  for long fictitious threats and innuendo attacks, he has a personal reason to punish Boeing.  This company employs 133,915 people in US but the greatest in Washington state,  78,225 he must have come to believe the voted against him.  Washington after all did vote 52.7% (1)against him.  There was a 72% (1)margin against him in Seattle where the Boeing Plants are located.

“The people wouldn’t have to bother about nothin’. we [sic] would take care of everything for them in its own quiet way.” – George W. Plunkitt

If companies and those that work for them become pawns in Mr. Trumps bid to show he the champion of the worker while he punishes in a Putinistic manner those that have shown him disfavor then the US is headed for those wonderful days of Tammany Hall or maybe as Chinese leaders recently scoffed at Trump, the second largest economy in the world.  The case of Boeing he threatens the jobs of those making the planes and may have voted against him while he gives millions in tax breaks for companies to save the jobs of a few friendly voters in Indiana.





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