The King is Dead! All Hail the King!

Well it has happened.  The United States of America has decided to cut its’ nose off for the sake of change.  The Political establishment has lost!  Did it?  Banished from the Kingdom!   Will it?

We find that the US electorate (albeit minority of the popular vote) has moved to elect Donald Trump President of the United States.  The movement so fierce that for the first time I felt threatened by the persons surrounding me in the line.  Asking for clarity in the advice given to those in line so that it was fair in even voices rose from the line to shout me out of the line awaiting the “check-of-my-papers” (state recognized/ approved photo identity ).  While I spoke that I was both a citizen and served time in the Armed Forces to reduce the fear that I felt, this did little to placate the verbal chastising from turning into a congratulatory embrace on the victory of the verbal imputation.

President-Elect Donald Trump, now, is forming his closest advisors.  He picks with the advice of his neophyte family advisors soon to be Famille Royale of the US.  But it is not a reality TV series we find the advice being taken that would determine who wins the game but rather the real American futures and livelihoods at stake.

Trump has now picked Stephen K. Bannon and Reince Priebus to two of the closests advisors.  The latter being the epitome of the Republican establishment and the former known to be amongst the harshest of the right wing press.

Fear is a good thing. Fear is going to lead you to take action. Stephen K. Bannon

Sound eerily familiar?  See previous commentary

Brutality is respected – Ernst Rohm

The combination could well set into motion the harshest swing to far right the US will have ever experienced.  The use of Reince Priebus as Chief-of-Staff will provide the cover and contact for including the Republican Legislature in the action.  Having Bannon as chief strategist as “equal partners to transform the federal government”, will provide the continued presence in the formation of the governmental subconsciousness that is without compassion or forgiveness.

To think that Mr. Preibus will unite the Republican Legislature and temper the efforts of Bannon to radically steer the Trump Presidential agenda to the right reminds me of John Taylor’s statement doubting the ability of the federal government to secure the liberty and happiness of the people.


It is impossible that politicians can extend the intellectual power of men beyond their natural limits as that priests can turn bread and wine into flesh and blood…..The human mind can only act judiciously with the scope of its intelligence.

John Taylor – New View of the Constitution of the United States 1823

Assuming your are not Roman Catholic and hold belief in the Transubstantiation which invalidates this analogy, John Taylor was a staunch State’s Right proponent.  He was the main Theoretician for Jefferson’s Democracy.  He was a proponent for Agrarian Democracy with staunch opposition to the consolidation of power in the federal government.

President-Elect Trump has been touting the state’s rights dogma of the Republican party. Especially, as he just soften his opinion on abortion rights (Roe vs Wade).   He hides behind the it is not a president’s problem it is the state’s problem rhetoric but pushes the fuller agenda.

“Well, they’ll perhaps have to go — they’ll have to go to another state.”  President-Elect  Trump said.

The differences between Mr. Taylor’s States and the current right wing on this viewpoint is that they are not limited to focusing on localized political issues of property law and  the like  in local states voting.  The Bannon Right wishes to push the agenda at the Federal level using the Supreme Court.  The abortion issue alone clearly defines the differences in local happiness on property taxes, speed limits and those of basic freedoms or rights of a women torn in the midst of such a decision. Local state governments no more have the right to decide that decision for every woman than does the local sheriff have to right to search your home without a warrant and take your personal gun.

What causes a national anxiety is that President Trump will not listen to the reason in his head and fails to discern the differences at this level.  He has the power over legitimate human rights across every state as Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Obama  had towards granting and promoting those basic rights for unencumbered voting, fair housing, freedom from arrest and unreasonable search, freedom to marry who you want and live a life free of harassment and dehumanizing  bullying by a state run by those whose religious views attempt to control aspects of humankind never dreamt of by the Founding Fathers.  It is this basic level that the  bigotry of local governments are not to/should not to be allowed to prevail.

However, with such advisorial conflict in his staff it might be that President-Elect Trump may fall to the side of bigotry to reduce a conflict in his own office.  He may feel threatened by the opposition of his grand scheme from the left  in the attempt to change these basic human rights toward the localized opinions of a country who did not fully vote for him.  If he holds true to form in his revengeful demeanor as seen in the campaign then he may not blink when it wipes away these advances in civilized treatment of our fellow human beings.


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