A Man Who Would be King

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other.

-JOHN ADAMS, letter to Jonathan Jackson, Oct. 2, 1789

john adams

John Adams worried about such a day of the political parties he so dreaded becoming part of the newly formed government of the Constitution. The leader of the party becoming the focus of those concerting measure in opposition to the other party.  Crying louder and louder until the other side takes the far opposition just to be heard.  The leaders shouting disparity upon the opposing party.  So has the governing political class so degenerated the government in these past years.

George Washington worried about dysfunctional government to this point in years prior.  Worried about such in years earlier to Adams comments, in reply to John Jay during the summer of 1786.

Things cannot go on the same train forever. It is much to be feared, as you observe, that the better kind of people, being disgusted with the circumstance, will have their minds prepared ‘for any revolution whatever. We are apt to run from one extreme into another….


What astonishing changes a few years are capable of producing.  I am told even respectable characters speak of a monarchical form of government without horror….  What a triumph for our enemies to verify their predictions! What a triumph for the advocates of despotism to find that we are

incapable of governing ourselves and that the systems founded on equal liberty are merely ideal and fallacious!


George Washington to John Jay – 1786




So now if you will think of the current political movement in the country to not trust those of political backgrounds.  The country is tired of Bush’s and tired of Clinton’s, they harp.   They are tired of immigrants and tired of being the patsies.  The two party system created a hatred of the opposition to such a level that

the better kind of people, being disgusted with the circumstance, will have their minds prepared ‘for any revolution whatever.


What revolution?  A revolution of anything loud and boisterous must be good. They flock to him without thinking of what is being said merely to join in the joy being against those who they feel need being held hostage regardless of their real feelings.  They have become numb and disgusted much as George Washington predicts of his contemporaries.

Ride in Donald Trump




A man who would be king, indeed.  A man who with a single disgusted look back and nae a word to his personal bodyguard has a reporter removed from the room to avoid answering the truth on his despotic viewpoint of illegal aliens.

Donald Trump has risen in a manner described by both George Washington and John Adams.  The populace has become so jaded by the divisive nature of the two political party of late that they have become prepared ‘for any revolution whatever.

The very nature of his speaking down to those who oppose his view.  The method he attacks the lashes out against those who would contradict him such as the conservative reporter Megyn Kelly who as a woman appears to have exposed his true nature.

To what level would Mr. Trump go if he were to become president?  What level of impulsive actions would he take.  He can’t fire Congress but he can do allot of damage to nation just to defend his ego.

Like another such politician rose in recent years in a country we were once in a Cold War against and has emerged from the ruling class Oligarchy of Leninist-Stalinist Communism.  A politician who takes rash actions. A politician who leads impetuously though possibly with a much more vociferous manner.

Would Mr. Trump push the limits of presidential power?    Create a nation of chanting followers with his rhetoric similar to that of the 1930’s

Returning immigrants to their country of origin would save the city money by reducing the number of needy families using federal welfare funds and free up jobs for those perceived as “Real Americans.”  – 1930’s  Los Angeles, California county officials

Could he raise chastisement on those that voted for the California “Apology Act for the 1930’s Mexican Repatriation Program” in 2005 with his bravado?  He believes that he could.

Can this country risk such a venture into the unknown psyche of a leader such as Mr. Trump has shown in just a glimpse to those that oppose him, having currently only the power of his money?

Would he decide to seize nations that oppose his views or he feels are in need of protection?  Is he rather an American Putin?  Will Mr. Trump begin to identify the state as himself

“There is no Russia today if there is no Putin” and “any attack on Putin is an attack on Russia.”

– Russian Deputy Chief of Staff  Nov 2014

The BBC reports why many Russians have appeal for Mr. Putin is that he has given them back a sense of pride.

Trump says

The reason I’m thinking about [running for office] is that the United States has become a whipping post for the rest of the world. The world is treating us without respect… America today is missing quality leadership, and foreign countries have quickly realized this. It’s for this reason that The United States is becoming the laughingstock of the world

Trump’s current slogan:

“if I run and if I win, this country will be respected again… Our country will be great again.”

Really is it different than Putin; than the rhetoric against the immigrants of the 1930s;  by other leaders of that time who thought their nations were disrespected?

Is this really how Americans want as to return to being the respected country of the world? Do we really want to do it by bullying those around us into submission?  Is this how we would want the other nations to once again understand how through liberty and justice, America has become and still is the great beacon of a nation?  A country that is showing the world that personal freedom means more than all other freedoms a government can protect; That mistakes can be realized and reformed; that working together and compromise for the greater good can provide for a better, kinder world.

Have we let our political parties of opposition create a climate of fear so as to realize such as John Jays concerns to George Washington?

What I most fear is that the better kind of people by which I mean the people who are orderly and industrious, who are content with their situations and not uneasy in the circumstances, will be led by the insecurity of property, the loss of confidence in our rulers and the want of public faith and rectitude to consider the charms of liberty as imaginary and delusive.  A state of fluctuation and uncertainty must disgust and alarm such men, and prepare their minds for almost any change that may promise them quiet security.

– John Jay to George Washington June 27 1786


To quote George Washington’s reply;

Would to God, that wise measures may be taken in time to avert the consequences.





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