The Government of the United States That Gives To Bigotry No Sanction.


For happily the government of the Untied States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support. – George Washington – 1790

I have written using these words before but at the present they are very relevant. Again needed for the likes of Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz in his bid to be considered the most religious of the candidates and lashes out against the decision of the Supreme Court to once and for all remove the bigotry and persecution of the rights found in marriage by Gay Men and Women.  He fans the flames of a religious based persecution of the LGBT citizens of the US and fails as a good citizen to support of the government which he wishes to rule.


Cruz said he would support Texas state clerks who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of religious objections.  The vision of his desires to rule a Religious Based Government comes through in this statement.

There are many things this Constitutional Nation

having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy, a policy worth of imitation. [where-sic] All possess alike liberty of conscience and communities of citizenship – George Washington – 1790

has struggled to put right over the 2+ centuries of it’s existence the very essence of these promises our Founding Fathers had struggled to bring to the world.

An objection of a cleric to perform a ceremony for a Gay couple would be protected by the ruling of the Supreme Court and is clearly outlined in the court’s position. However a public servant, who does not have to work for the government, making such a judgment decision would no longer provide for that government, as outlined by Washington in 1790, which gives to bigotry no sanction.

What Cruz and now many clerics now threaten is a persecution of a Gay Couple from the rights of dignity and the pursuit of happiness.  To Cruz, the Gay Couple is guilty by flagitium, therefore without rights, that the governmental clerk is justified in the administration of punishment and persecution by refusal.

The opposite is the truth,  it is the right for the individual clerk to refuse to keep his position and resign.   As a governmental authority in a Government founded on the basis of inalienable rights that forbids the government from taking such action of bigotry, he has only that right.

Senator Cruz has a vision of a nation that is not without bigotry or persecution.  He projects a vision of a Religious rule of law for his own benefit of power.  A Religiously bigoted society with a government that fails to reflects the diverse thoughts of the Founding Fathers, who knew first hand the power of government to attack individuals on religious grounds.

Senator Cruz now, as a Presidential Candidate, supports local governmental rebellion at the individual level.  He like most Republican Conservatives attempts to masks open bigotry behind the belief that the legality of same-sex marriage should be left to each state to decide.

But this policy is in direct opposition of James Madison’s very proposals for the Bill of Rights.  Madison convinced by Thomas Jefferson to introduce the Bill of Rights also cautioned of the power of state governments ability to abuse personal rights.

I think the there is more danger of those powers being abused by state governments than by the government of the United States. .. if not controlled by the general principal that laws are unconstitutional which infringe the right of the community.James_Madison

I have now proposed; because it must be admitted on all hands that the state governments are as liable to attack these invaluable privileges … and, therefore ought to be as cautiously guarded against.   –  James Madison June 8, 1789


 The Founding Fathers had vision for a nation to prevent the abuses  that had solidified over thousands of years.  Their vision to grow a nation without sanction to bigotry.  Yes, it takes time and the experiment is far from finished.   They never rested against having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy, a policy worth of imitation. They realized the bigotry of one man seeking election or 100 such others could endanger these rights using the very government itself.  So they warned us on these abuses of state lawmakers that Therefore ought to be as cautiously guarded against.


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