Japan is the only Country that got it right.

One of the fiercest and most bloodthirsty nation-state tribes on earth until Sep 02, 1945.  But since then no other nation-state has got it right.  No, not the United States, not Germany, not France, Britain or Russia.  No-one  in the Middle East, Not China, nor even those in Africa or South America.  One could banter that Switzerland may have a hint but in reality they were not faced with the monumental task of reversal that the Japanese had to exhibit.

Yet somehow the Japanese nation has become the the single nation that understands war and its meaninglessness toward objectives of mankind.


“The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win”  Miyamoto Musashi

Such comments from a warrior that lived nearly 4 centuries ago provide the context for a Nation Tribe to rise to a world power in the 1930s and 1940s.  A power that dominated far east Asia and threatened the US.

Almost ever single Japanese military personnel wanted nothing more than to kill ever single man, woman and child that opposed them.  Their ability to do so was not far from becoming a reality in the late 1930’s.  The nation tribe of Japan pushed their concept of the ideal warrior tribal state into a a near fatal self annihilation of themselves and at the cost of of millions of souls.

It is the ability of the nation tribe to build itself into such a state that it thinks as a singular entity a religion  (organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.) that is contrary to the existence of man himself.

There are currently those neo-nation tribes today that are pushing their ideology into the realm of faith regardless of basis.  These too will bring their nation tribe to the brink of extinction.  Their leaders blinded by their ambition to equate the deity to themselves.


The Japanese military leader’s ambitions for the tribal nation state of Japan, used Hirohito or during these times known as Emperor Shōwa, to begin the fatal tribal struggle and false enlightenment or what can be described as the false dream of power caused by tribal national awareness.  Yet it is also true that this quiet man, worshiped as a deity found the courage and will to return his people to the true nature of humanity at the expense of this centuries old religion in which he retained the unlimited power sought by so many today of being GOD.

His fateful leadership in this era produced enlightened reversal of the ultimate destruction in the spiral destiny of the tribal nation state.   He started this in the broadcast to those that completely and intensely worshiped him as GOD.  Very few mortal humans have attained this status within a nation tribe.   His subjects would die without hesitation in his name, yet he gently saw the fatal flaws in the nation tribe and renounced this for his subjects in what is known as the “Jewel Voice Broadcast”  August 15, 1945

“…the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives. Should We continue to fight, not only would it result in an ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation, but also it would lead to the total extinction of human civilization.” – Emporer Showa (Hirohito) Imperial Rescript on the Termination of the War

Without a doubt it took extraordinary events found the final sentence to bring him to this enlightenment.  Those words should shake all that read them.  Though there are very few tribal nation leaders in history or today that have attained this enlightened understanding of the ultimate destiny for every tribal nation.

The vision that Hirohito saw should be seen as the ultimate Platonic Ruler.  To give up being GOD for the sake of humanity as a whole cannot be anything less than prophetic.


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