Mr. Obama Please!

I see you have been re-elected. I see you have found new themes, new agendas. You shout them on the television. You shout them in the schools. Do not forget the reasons for our votes from day one.

Why have we not closed Guantanamo? It is not the America I want to be.

You talk about the 20 children of Bridgeport. Surely it was such a horrific event but what of the 3,257 children lost in Mr. Bush’s War in Afghanistan?   You promised that you would end it. When will those children come home?  When will these children stop dying?

Why are we still in Afghanistan? It is not the America I want to be.

But is war the true remedy? Who will profit by it ? Speculators – a few lucky merchants who draw prizes in the lottery – commissaries and contractors. Who must suffer by it?

The people. It is their blood, their taxes, that must flow to support it

– John Randolph of Virginia Dec,1811


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