Why the Left View is necessary

Very often I find discussions about politics and the discussion at lunch with work colleagues pushes into the vision of left or right.  So often too the general discussion is about how the right views offer true freedom and is best for business.  There is a pause on whether it is better to answer such basic claims with the facts of what the whole American Experience began.  I am sure those loyal to the British Crown in the 1770s were considered the Right Wing while those radical revolutionaries prompting liberty and the rights of the people were consider leftist. (Though the definitions as such were not formed until the French Revolution 1789–1796,where it referred originally to the seating arrangements in the legislative bodies of France. The Aristocracy sat on the right of the Speaker and the commoners sat on the Left, hence the terms Right-wing politics and Left-wing politics.)

Those that wanted to keep the status quo to advance the causes of the landed gentry or those with high incomes are the right.  Those that wanted something better were considered the left.  The left thinks about the advancement of mankind while the right thinks of the advancement of a (rich) man.





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