“Alone?”, says the Engineer

Sometimes I think I am alone and then I walk outside during a gentle thunderstorm.  I hear the leaves dancing in the raindrops recycled by the earth’s endless evaporation cycles constantly recycling the water that flows in the streams, provides entertainment in the lakes and drips off my forehead in the heat. The flowers turning toward the sky to catch the drops singing with their color to attract the flying insects that cycle the pollination between them.

Next to me I see the snails scurry in slow motion up the peach tree.  Their eyes reaching forward leading almost pulling them on in the excitement they see ahead.  They must be wondering why their torso does not hurry too.  Suddenly a water drop rolls off the green leaf above and the eye with the speed the snail so often desires moves back into the protective shell and hides.

Squirrels quickly scamper, tails bouncing to find their hidden spot of safety.  The rumble of distance thunder explaining to them of the coming rain.

It is in all these things that I find that I am not alone, indeed.  How wonderful to be amongst this crowd, this feeling of alive.


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