They have lost the here and now! Social Ghosts of today!


Went to lunch with my son for Father’s day and I noticed how the young persons today spend their entire lives with friends right next to them but they are busy typing to friends that are in their handheld devices.  I watched three young men waiting for at least an hour for a seat in a popular restaurant and when their little pager for a table went off they were busy typing one last message to their electronically connected friends.

Two finally awoke from their electronic absence and started for the restaurant door to claim their table.  One spent at least 4 more minutes typing away why his friends paced, in the now, aware that they had to move to claim their table but the busy chatter was unwilling to return to his local friends.

The fanatical typing to electronic friends and the failure to socialize with those you are present with makes the connected youth of today social ghosts walking as if dead to the here and now of their existence within the daylight.  All the great aspects of living are lost in the Facebook posting which is a plague brought on society by an inventive youth.

The coolness of the morning breeze that passed through the shading trees on what was surely going to be hot day was lost on these elsewhere youths.  The brightness of the blue sky spread with creamy clouds were not seen.  The boisterous sound of the waiting crowd bubbling with repeated laughter of the gleeful conversations of their meeting lost to the intense effort needed toward finding the right acronym to type in the screen.

I am so sad for those that have been caught up in the electronic connection found at the expense of atoms vibrating through everyone’s body intent on delivering a simple LOL to a recipient unable to see past the little black screen.  Social Ghosts walking blankly through life as it happens around them,

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