The devil in God

Sorry, I have been offline for sometime now and have not posted.  Mostly a mix of extreme busy mode at work , having been given significantly more responsibility and basic failure to see a subject that really walks out of my fingers.

The most recent cancellation of the Lady GaGa tour in Indonesia and after reading some comment about it that argued both from a christian religious right side and the traditional liberal freedom of speech veiwpoint prompted a culmination in recent thoughts about the the title subject born also of the US political commentary found in the current election rhetoric.

Ms Germanotta (which is mot likely the name on her passport) attempted to take her sexually based protest against her Roman Catholic heritage show into this very Muslim country.  I remember travelling to Jakarta in the 70’s as a young ship’s engineer.  The Chief Mate would come around and ask you to put all the Playboys or Penthouse magazines onboard in a drawer the customs officer would place a customs seal across the locked drawer.  This was because such magazines were outlawed by the country.  It is not surprising they would not want to place the same (albeit larger) seal around Ms. Germanotta’s (Lady GaGa’s) Western liberalized exposed flesh and ask that she not perform her sex charged writhing against a half naked man who is not related to her. Sorry but let them watch it on YouTube in the privacy of their home, likely the way they now can read those banned Playboys that were not stolen off break room coffee tables on foreign ships by locals as they moved through to load the vessel with Indonesian products for sale around the world.  It is not Ms. Germanotta’s time to force religious freedom and thought to the Muslim world, such thought must come from within a society not forced.

So too the example struck me in a recent replay of the dramatization on the United 93 flight, the flight on 9/11 that did not make it to it’s target of Washington, DC because of the bravery of its passengers that fought for control of the plane after realization of their impending doom if they did not.  In that dramatization it stuck me that the artist either on purpose or by accident showed a vivid and complex scene of the devil found in the belief of God.  The scene showed the highjackers worried about obtaining their goal of glorified martyrdom for their perceived Islamic cause and the passengers worried about their being victims both praying to the same singular God.

Both Muslim and Christian in both could claim that their God was for them and not the other.   Even Christians in such great conflicts as WWII could claim that God was with them.  The reality is that belief in God is not what makes your actions wrong or right.

The belief that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and therefore unworthy of being President is something the Christian right has brought forth in claiming Mormonism is a cult.   Luckily the US electorate has risen past and realized the visualization of the Founding Fathers in the belief that in order for governments to improve mankind that religion must remain separated forever from politics..

It is when politics and political views are mixed with the understanding of a God that man’s decision temporalize the laws put forth in the concept of God have caused the most trouble for the advancement of the human existence.  Yet it is the concept of God that has provided for the human community and possibly it’s very survival.  Such a juxtaposition has been the devil in God since the beginning of time.

The Muslims believe the Christians are polythesitic because of their belief in the holy trinity and Mary as mother of God.  Yet, when there was an outside threat of Stalinistic Communism many Muslims aligned themselves with Christians because they reasoned “Muslims have a book and God. The Christians have a book and God , but the Communist do not.”

When the threat changes to that of the formation of the Jewish state of Israel (who are not without prejudice in the formation of Israel themselves but that is another blog) the answer is again centered upon God.  The event is political and territorial but it is God for both sides that makes for justice.

It is these concepts of a temporalized God that alone defies the basic concept of God.  It is to make God a victim of man’s basic need for tribal domination that provides the fuel for the destruction of man’s society for man’s hatred of another man.  It misses the very basic concept of God in any aspect and makes God man’s prisoner for political design.  Maybe the devil in God is man or man’s failure to understand God.




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