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After spending some time deciding what i wanted to write I actually began to realize I had nothing to write.  At least not one thing that I could continue to develop as to what the core reason or view was to be.

I had thought of many thoughts such as Rick Santorum’s perfect example of the Teaparty and its hypocritical advancement of smaller government.  I heard an article on the Radio where a women expressed her concern that the Teaparty and its call for smaller government in their financial lives but for some reason wanted the government to dictate the private lives of others such as gays and the private decisions of women’s bodies.  “Everything is perfect if the Government leaves me alone but other people besides myself need to be controlled” attitude.  Though I heartily agreed that this was a issue of the Teaparty and its America is free if it is governed according to my beliefs not yours attitude but that was it.  It did not really blossom into something I could expand and express or link to the thoughts of those men that had the original idea of Freedom in this country.

Then I thought I could write about …………….  Well that was it.


Happy New Year

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