A President that cannot bring himself to say I’m Sorry

 I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no one among you wise enough to settle a dispute between the brothers, …         – 1 Corinthians 6:1-20

The Religious Right is so enamoured with President Trump because of his stance on the control of women’s bodies.  Yet, each time President makes a mistake he cannot say he has the basic decency to apologize.  Instead he immediately attacks, changes the subject or finds someone to blame besides himself.

POTUS fails at basic concept of a Christian leader per Ephesians 4:31

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

There are ways of saving face without being UnChristian like POTUS.  There is no forgiveness in his constant mean tweeting and name calling.  All the effort is for his glory and not that of understanding a Christian point of view.

For the Christian Right tag along with this unChristian President for the selfish reason of one stance may not get them into heaven.  God can see through that ruse and mean aspects of a selfish act in his name.  You cannot look away when they are stoning the woman.  Nor can you look away when the POTUS cannot ask forgiveness.

Something is terribly wrong.  The rich man walks away from Christian action because he has so much rich man’s pride to lose.


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The Rich Guys are disruptive? The Revolution is not theirs!

In a recent interview the new White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci made one of the most incredibly bourgeoisie analogies ever.  The better-than-though elitist fancies himself a Founding Father.

“This nation is a disruptive start-up,” Scaramucci told the BBC’s “Newsnight” program on Wednesday evening.

“It was a group of rich guys that got together and said, you know what, we’re going to break away from the other country and start our own country,”  

When in fact this nation was not a bunch of rich guys that started this country.  For the most part it was the American Revolutionary Soldier making less than 3 milled Spanish Dollars a year that won the battles.  The viewpoint produces a diminution on the efforts of the soldier starving at Valley Forge that secured Mr. Scaramucci’s ability to rise to the American Wealthy High Class Bourgeois.   His indignant statement and those of his immediate boss are reminiscent of the type of commentary the British Royal Elite and French Royal Elite gave out prior to the American and French Revolutions that ousted them.

Yes, the representatives from each of Colonies sent to the First Continental Congress  were literate and being literate brought with it a certain equality of opportunity.   Literacy at that time brought with it a means for the Founders to become at the time “Middle Class” a level below the  extremely wealthy Royal Gentry and the poor uneducated found at the time in Europe.  The poor could not afford to come to America.

The founders focused on freedom from the Aristocratic nature of the European nations and their unequal system of  laws that proliferated the rights of the wealthy.  This thinking went so far as to have John Adams advocated for laws to force families to divide their wealth amongst their children, to prevent European style aristocratic estates.  An inheritance “stamp” tax was first levied in 1797 under President John Adams.


Yes, the founding fathers were well off and had free time to become and work as statesmen. Yes Mr Scaramucci is a self-made man who came from humble roots.  He is not equal to the founders though he and his boss may fancy themselves as such.  The two are fast to bring up their wealth and status above those that would have asked for their help for equality.  This requirement for the sustaining the common man was never lost on the founders.

While President Trump and Mr. Scaramucci may act and say things that they are for disruption to help the little guy.  Each move the President makes is disruption for the advancement and formation of an American Aristocracy.

The Trump [tax] plan would give those earning more than $3.4 million an average tax cut of $937,700, while the average family earning less than $25,000 would receive a cut of . . . $40. Put another way, the plan would be 23,500 times better for the ultra-rich than the poor. (1.)

The death tax punishes families for achieving the American dream. Therefore, the Trump plan eliminates the death tax. (2.) [Make way for the wealthy American Aristocracy]

The [Trump]  plan would reduce the top rate on individual income tax — now 39.6 percent for income over around $470,000 for a married couple — to 35 percent. But that’s only part of the gain for high-income earners. It also would eliminate a 3.8 percent tax, used to help fund Obamacare, that applies to investment income over $250,000 for a couple. (3.)

The American revolutionary opinion was not solely driven by taxes, rather it was a principle based on ideas of Enlightened thinking on the aspects of life as the fundamental natural rights . The Trumpist find the natural rights of other Americans alien and unjust. They attack them at every chance.

  • Trumps ban demonizes refugees as criminals and supporters of terror.
  • The Trump administration is slashing emergency funds for refugees
  • Trump has stripped non-citizens of Privacy Act protections
  • Trump and his administration consistently ignore human rights abuses outside
    U.S. borders and  in many cases, praising leaders.
  • Trump has threatened to end funding for the UN and specifically the UN Population Fund, which provides contraceptives to tens of thousands of women in Africa
  • Delayed increases in overtime for women
  • Trump’s administration made no movement on equal pay

The list gets too long for this blogger.

Which side of the American revolution are Trump and Scaramucci really on?

These rebels were nothing more than a cancerous tumor that had to be expelled in order to reinstitute British authority.  – British Parliament viewpoint 1777 

This viewpoint by the British Aristocracy during the American Revolution is much like the Deep State paranoia in the White House.  Here they claim there is a network of embedded members of the government’s agencies or military who operate against a democratically elected government. It works to undermine an elected president’s authority or legitimacy as has been common in countries such as Egypt and Turkey.

So Mr. Scaramucci it is not that you are bunch of Rich Guys disrupting for the betterment of mankind.  You are disrupting to make the case for the Rich to get richer and an American Aristocracy.  You Disruptors should be careful of the American Revolution, who it belongs too and heed it’s results.

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Rules by which to make a Great America into a small one or worse.

An ancient sage (Benjamin Franklin) once wrote in parody about the best way to decline of the British State in 1773.  Rules by which a Great Empire may be reduced to Small One – London Published Advertiser- 1773.   “The affairs leave no time for fiddling'”  he wrote.

Some of his treaties towards the oppressive English reign are true today in the Trump- Bannon Economic Nationalist Movement agenda for destruction of the US World Order and dismissal of progressive advances in freedoms of the last century.


..strike them deeper, whenever the injured come to the capital with complaints of maladministration, oppression, or injustice, punish such suitors with long delay and enormous expense, and a final judgment in favor of the oppressor.  This will have an admirable effect every way.  The trouble of future complaints will be prevented, and governors and judges will be encouraged to further acts of oppression and injustices; and thence the people may be come more disaffected, and at length desperate.

If you are told of discontents ….never believe that they are general, or that yu have given occasion for them; … Take all your informations of the state from your governors adn officers in enmity with them.  Encourage and reward these leasing makers; secrete their lying accusations, lest they be confuted; but act upon them as the clearest evidence; and believe nothing you hear from the friends of the people.  Suppose all … complaints to be invented and promoted by a few factious demagogues.

If you see rival nations rejoicing at the prospect of your disunion…. let not that alarm or offend you.  Why should it since you … mean the same thing?

-Benjamin Franklin -1773

Much of Ben Franklin’s jesting could be applied today to those of the Trump Administration and more directly pointed at the Chief Whitehouse Strategist, Steven Bannon.

On his view of a Free Press.

The media is the opposition party

“They’re corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda

On his views of how to accomplish his agenda.

“I’m a Leninist … Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

In fact, the similarities with Mr Bannon’s statement of being a Leninist is stark in the similarities of the current White House efforts using Executive Order to push it’s agenda in an attempt to bypass  other two parts of the Constitutional US Government and isolate the free press which does not promote their agenda. (Luckily they have not, to date, been able strip the power from them as Lenin was able to do in Russia)

When the Bolshevik Party seized power in the October Revolution.   Lenin implemented his agenda in ruling by decree from the Sovnarkom.  One was the Decree on the Press which closed down many opposition media outlets which were deemed counter-revolutionary. Another nationalised foreign trade, establishing a state monopoly on imports and exports. Yet, ultimately, he dissolved the (Russian) Assembly, calling his action ‘true democracy’ because he knew the needs of the proletariat (Russian people) better than they did.

A person from the Republican Party would now argue that Mr. Bannon is not asking for a Marxist Communist government.  They would retort ” that is what the leftist liberals want to form.  This is fake news”   However, they fail to understand the methodology  Lenin used to consolidate power in his movement and the ways to remove any that opposed their agenda versus economic targets of the movement.  They fail to understand the subtle differences between the Leninist-Marxist government and that of the Stalinist-Marxist government.  They understand only from their childhood and history books. During this effort Trotsky justified the actions saying that:

‘We have trampled underfoot the principles of democracy for the sake of the loftier principles of a social revolution” – Trotsky

Mao Zedong used the Leninist model to consolidate a government in China in the name of marxist communism.  It was after this establishment that the Mao regime became a Stalinist style totalitarian state.  So often Mao was the ideal Marxist-Leninists and later powers used the term Marxist-Leninist-Mao.

The difference in the states is what  Mao and Stalin did was economics not in how totalitarian power is consolidated.   Both came to power in a state using Leninist methodologies.  Albeit Stalin in an indirect means via the untimely death of Lenin and murder of Trotsky.

The methodology  of carving out power is shockingly  similar of Mr. Bannon’s current agenda through POTUS Donald Trump.

Let’s hope we don’t one day here the Leninist Bannon  announce;

” We have trampled underfoot the principles of democracy for the sake of the loftier principles of the Economic Nationalist Revolution.”

Let’s hope the damage to done by Bannon’s Leninist agenda  is only economic damage and not ideological or political.  What is at stake is not the freedom of the American Colonies from the rule of Great Britain but the Global democratic flame of freedom our fathers fought for in WWII.








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A place to hold on too!

America is in for a big roller coaster ride.  President Elect is attacking individual US companies for political gains.  I believe he feels he is the Teddy Roosevelt of his times.

The attack on Boeing this morning for apparently no reason is yet another sign of his Putin like agenda.  Much as Putin upset and attacked those that opposed or did not pay him homage during his rise it seems that Mr. Trump is about to take the same path into self admiration orbit.

I wonder if he has plans to fire or sideline the tax auditor that is looking into his taxes once he takes power?  He will be the President of the United States and not subject to conflict of interest will he not?  Or so the grandeurs of his mind may paint the wall.

Soon after Vladimir Putin took power he began to oppose certain businesses in Russia that were opposed to his reducing the freedoms of pressure.  He began a campaign based on perceived threats with punitive actions.

Who knows what set off Mr. Trump to start this attack on Boeing but given a proven penchant  for long fictitious threats and innuendo attacks, he has a personal reason to punish Boeing.  This company employs 133,915 people in US but the greatest in Washington state,  78,225 he must have come to believe the voted against him.  Washington after all did vote 52.7% (1)against him.  There was a 72% (1)margin against him in Seattle where the Boeing Plants are located.

“The people wouldn’t have to bother about nothin’. we [sic] would take care of everything for them in its own quiet way.” – George W. Plunkitt

If companies and those that work for them become pawns in Mr. Trumps bid to show he the champion of the worker while he punishes in a Putinistic manner those that have shown him disfavor then the US is headed for those wonderful days of Tammany Hall or maybe as Chinese leaders recently scoffed at Trump, the second largest economy in the world.  The case of Boeing he threatens the jobs of those making the planes and may have voted against him while he gives millions in tax breaks for companies to save the jobs of a few friendly voters in Indiana.





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The King is Dead! All Hail the King!

Well it has happened.  The United States of America has decided to cut its’ nose off for the sake of change.  The Political establishment has lost!  Did it?  Banished from the Kingdom!   Will it?

We find that the US electorate (albeit minority of the popular vote) has moved to elect Donald Trump President of the United States.  The movement so fierce that for the first time I felt threatened by the persons surrounding me in the line.  Asking for clarity in the advice given to those in line so that it was fair in even voices rose from the line to shout me out of the line awaiting the “check-of-my-papers” (state recognized/ approved photo identity ).  While I spoke that I was both a citizen and served time in the Armed Forces to reduce the fear that I felt, this did little to placate the verbal chastising from turning into a congratulatory embrace on the victory of the verbal imputation.

President-Elect Donald Trump, now, is forming his closest advisors.  He picks with the advice of his neophyte family advisors soon to be Famille Royale of the US.  But it is not a reality TV series we find the advice being taken that would determine who wins the game but rather the real American futures and livelihoods at stake.

Trump has now picked Stephen K. Bannon and Reince Priebus to two of the closests advisors.  The latter being the epitome of the Republican establishment and the former known to be amongst the harshest of the right wing press.

Fear is a good thing. Fear is going to lead you to take action. Stephen K. Bannon

Sound eerily familiar?  See previous commentary

Brutality is respected – Ernst Rohm

The combination could well set into motion the harshest swing to far right the US will have ever experienced.  The use of Reince Priebus as Chief-of-Staff will provide the cover and contact for including the Republican Legislature in the action.  Having Bannon as chief strategist as “equal partners to transform the federal government”, will provide the continued presence in the formation of the governmental subconsciousness that is without compassion or forgiveness.

To think that Mr. Preibus will unite the Republican Legislature and temper the efforts of Bannon to radically steer the Trump Presidential agenda to the right reminds me of John Taylor’s statement doubting the ability of the federal government to secure the liberty and happiness of the people.


It is impossible that politicians can extend the intellectual power of men beyond their natural limits as that priests can turn bread and wine into flesh and blood…..The human mind can only act judiciously with the scope of its intelligence.

John Taylor – New View of the Constitution of the United States 1823

Assuming your are not Roman Catholic and hold belief in the Transubstantiation which invalidates this analogy, John Taylor was a staunch State’s Right proponent.  He was the main Theoretician for Jefferson’s Democracy.  He was a proponent for Agrarian Democracy with staunch opposition to the consolidation of power in the federal government.

President-Elect Trump has been touting the state’s rights dogma of the Republican party. Especially, as he just soften his opinion on abortion rights (Roe vs Wade).   He hides behind the it is not a president’s problem it is the state’s problem rhetoric but pushes the fuller agenda.

“Well, they’ll perhaps have to go — they’ll have to go to another state.”  President-Elect  Trump said.

The differences between Mr. Taylor’s States and the current right wing on this viewpoint is that they are not limited to focusing on localized political issues of property law and  the like  in local states voting.  The Bannon Right wishes to push the agenda at the Federal level using the Supreme Court.  The abortion issue alone clearly defines the differences in local happiness on property taxes, speed limits and those of basic freedoms or rights of a women torn in the midst of such a decision. Local state governments no more have the right to decide that decision for every woman than does the local sheriff have to right to search your home without a warrant and take your personal gun.

What causes a national anxiety is that President Trump will not listen to the reason in his head and fails to discern the differences at this level.  He has the power over legitimate human rights across every state as Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Obama  had towards granting and promoting those basic rights for unencumbered voting, fair housing, freedom from arrest and unreasonable search, freedom to marry who you want and live a life free of harassment and dehumanizing  bullying by a state run by those whose religious views attempt to control aspects of humankind never dreamt of by the Founding Fathers.  It is this basic level that the  bigotry of local governments are not to/should not to be allowed to prevail.

However, with such advisorial conflict in his staff it might be that President-Elect Trump may fall to the side of bigotry to reduce a conflict in his own office.  He may feel threatened by the opposition of his grand scheme from the left  in the attempt to change these basic human rights toward the localized opinions of a country who did not fully vote for him.  If he holds true to form in his revengeful demeanor as seen in the campaign then he may not blink when it wipes away these advances in civilized treatment of our fellow human beings.


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Texas Voter ID Law


I am sorry Sir.  That is not a valid ID.  You need an ID to vote!


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A Sense of Duty Calls Forth the Observations










The title declares the discussion of Alexander Hamilton on the injustice and malice being purported against the American Loyalists in 1784.  The whole hearted defrauding and disfranchising of many new citizens without trial or judgement of peers.  Hamilton lectured that a particular party in order to advance itself took the position against these persons and generalized them as vile and criminal.

Let the people beware…..a few designing men may rise in consequence, and advance their private interest by such expedients,  the people at large are sure to be the losers in the event, whenever they suffer a departure from the rules of general and equal justice, or from the true principles of universal liberty.

Those men not only overleap the barriers of the constitution without remorse, but they advise us to become the scorn of nations by violating the solemn engagements.

So too the recent movement of the Republican Establishment, so bent on the retention of power.  So worried of the loss of thier hold and of what is right and wrong in both the workplace and bedroom that it is wrent on the discarding of the votes of the citizens for Donald Trump as the nominee of their party.




While this writer is not in any part for the party or it’s presumptive nominee, who it fails to support, there is reason to call out the injustice and apparent disdain by these men, some of whom are former Presidents themselves,  for the vote of people of such a party.  The Republican Establishment Party Leaders are in all aspects holding the ballot box by the people hostage to the whims of an elite grouping of conservative billionaires.

Hamilton at the same time wrote:

Nothing is more common that for a free people in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions by letting in the government principles and precedents which afterwards prove fatal to themselves…. the dangerous consequence of this power are manifest….it may soon confine all the votes to a small number of partisans, and establish an aristocracy or an oligarchy.

It may already be too late for the United States but we can pray to God Almighty,  that a government by the people, for the people has not perished from this earth in favor of the few who would pursue for the advancement of their own perception of what is therefore right or wrong  establish such an Oligarchy at the expense of the freedom of the vote.

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Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Ok thought I would add something light to the blog.  Just got back from watching Star Wars – The Force Awakens.  All in all it was pretty good but they need to get Carrie Fisher some better lines or acting lessons.



The other thing I would like to know is; Why is everyone always running at the resistance base?  I mean it seems they cue them, pan the shot and they start running from no-place to no-place.  People stand still to talk and they are always jogging in the background.


Oh yeah.. worth seeing on the big screen if you can.

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Mr. Trump Fails at American Citizenship

The firs2MYjCV7t duty of an American citizen, then, is that he shall work in politics; his second duty is that he shall do that work in a practical manner; and his third is that it shall be done in accord with the highest principles of honor and justice.

Theodore Roosevelt 

Buffalo, New York – January 26, 1883





So scolds Theodore Roosevelt – Republican.  Those that admire or follow Mr. Trump do so out of want to enforce  some change in today’s adversary politics.  But Mr. Roosevelt further cautions those efforts must not be of the selfish nature so often presented by the affluently raised Mr. Trump, who is found to be so brutish with Television fame and of being always the Boss.   Trump who never really had to to tell his boss, ” Yes, Sir”,  fails to notice that in reality he has is not of American values and morals as described by Teddy Roosevelt.

Each man’s individual temper and convictions must be taken into account. To a certain extent his work must be done in accordance with his individual beliefs and theories of right and wrong. To a yet greater extent it must be done in combination with others, he yielding or modifying certain of his own theories and beliefs so as to enable him to stand on a common ground with his fellows, who have likewise yielded or modified certain of their theories and beliefs. – Theodore Roosevelt 1883


Mr. Trump plays on the falsehoods, innuendos for change with brutish manners and  accusations.   There is no common ground or modified theories with this man who has been privileged all this life.


Recently there was a rally  held in Burlington, Vermont by Trump and his political team. The Trump team distributed tickets to get into the event.  Most likely thinking that people in this Democratic area would just throw them away no doubt.  When thousands more that there was room showed up Trump’s self financed hench-team began interrogating those attempting to hear the candidates viewpoints.  They were asked questions that amounted to a pledged allegiance to Trump.  If they did not answer fast enough or correctly they were quickly told their place in line and ticket would not be honored.


When those inside decided to speak up their opinions to see if Trump would modify his to find common grounds, Trump had them thrown out.  He began yelling at his security to throw them out faster and then chided his security team to confiscate the opposing view speaker’s coat and throw him out in the cold.

“It’s about 10 degrees below zero outside,” Trump said laughing.

The temperature was 25. <fact check>

Trump toys with those that feel they should follow him with brown shirt tactics against those opposed.  Mr. Trump appears to work to the theme.

Brutality is respected – Ernst Rohm




Because of his wealth Mr. Trump  has never felt the political isolation and stagnation caused by the bitter Republican opposition to the Presidency of President Obama and President Bill Clinton.   But Mr. Trumps effort and promises will leave his followers in the very thing Roosevelt warns against more than a century ago.

I know many excellent young men who…feel an immediate impulse to form themselves into an organization which shall forthwith purify politics everywhere, national, State, and city alike; and I know of a man who having gone round once to a primary, and having, of course, been unable to accomplish anything in a place where he knew no one and could not combine with anyone, returned saying it was quite useless  – Theodore Roosevelt 1883


Teddy Roosevelt even warns of the creatures like Mr. Trump.



Different political conditions breed different dangers. The demagogue is as unlovely a creature as the courtier, though one is fostered under republican and the other under monarchical Institutions   – Theodore Roosevelt 1883




Mr. Roosevelt later explained  to us now how American Citizens bring forth this great American nation.

It is well if a large proportion of the leaders in any republic, in any democracy, are,.. drawn from the classes… but only provided that those classes possess the gifts of sympathy with plain people and of devotion to great ideals.  – Theodore Roosevelt ; Paris, France April 23, 1910

Roosevelt went on in that speech that day and Mr. Trump is clearly seen in his failure as a good American citizen.  The failure of substantial plans and ideas from Mr. Trump that make true sense for a world in need of some sympathy for plain people. These failures show not Trump as superior but of his weakness as a true American Citizen

 Let the man of learning, the man of lettered leisure, beware of that queer and cheap temptation to pose to himself and to others as a cynic, as the man who has outgrown emotions and beliefs, the man to whom good and evil are as one. The poorest way to face life is to face it with a sneer.


There are many men who feel a kind of twister pride in cynicism; there are many who confine themselves to criticism of the way others do what they themselves dare not even attempt. There is no more unhealthy being, no man less worthy of respect, than he who either really holds, or feigns to hold, an attitude of sneering disbelief toward all that is great and lofty, whether in achievement or in that noble effort which, even if it fails, comes to second achievement. A cynical habit of thought and speech, a readiness to criticise work which the critic himself never tries to perform, an intellectual aloofness which will not accept contact with life’s realities – all these are marks, not as the possessor would fain to think, of superiority but of weakness. They mark the men unfit to bear their part painfully in the stern strife of living, who seek, in the affection of contempt for the achievements of others, to hide from others and from themselves in their own weakness. The rôle is easy; there is none easier, save only the rôle of the man who sneers alike at both criticism and performance.  – Theodore Roosevelt ; Paris, France April 23, 1910


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A Man Who Would be King

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other.

-JOHN ADAMS, letter to Jonathan Jackson, Oct. 2, 1789

john adams

John Adams worried about such a day of the political parties he so dreaded becoming part of the newly formed government of the Constitution. The leader of the party becoming the focus of those concerting measure in opposition to the other party.  Crying louder and louder until the other side takes the far opposition just to be heard.  The leaders shouting disparity upon the opposing party.  So has the governing political class so degenerated the government in these past years.

George Washington worried about dysfunctional government to this point in years prior.  Worried about such in years earlier to Adams comments, in reply to John Jay during the summer of 1786.

Things cannot go on the same train forever. It is much to be feared, as you observe, that the better kind of people, being disgusted with the circumstance, will have their minds prepared ‘for any revolution whatever. We are apt to run from one extreme into another….


What astonishing changes a few years are capable of producing.  I am told even respectable characters speak of a monarchical form of government without horror….  What a triumph for our enemies to verify their predictions! What a triumph for the advocates of despotism to find that we are

incapable of governing ourselves and that the systems founded on equal liberty are merely ideal and fallacious!


George Washington to John Jay – 1786




So now if you will think of the current political movement in the country to not trust those of political backgrounds.  The country is tired of Bush’s and tired of Clinton’s, they harp.   They are tired of immigrants and tired of being the patsies.  The two party system created a hatred of the opposition to such a level that

the better kind of people, being disgusted with the circumstance, will have their minds prepared ‘for any revolution whatever.


What revolution?  A revolution of anything loud and boisterous must be good. They flock to him without thinking of what is being said merely to join in the joy being against those who they feel need being held hostage regardless of their real feelings.  They have become numb and disgusted much as George Washington predicts of his contemporaries.

Ride in Donald Trump




A man who would be king, indeed.  A man who with a single disgusted look back and nae a word to his personal bodyguard has a reporter removed from the room to avoid answering the truth on his despotic viewpoint of illegal aliens.

Donald Trump has risen in a manner described by both George Washington and John Adams.  The populace has become so jaded by the divisive nature of the two political party of late that they have become prepared ‘for any revolution whatever.

The very nature of his speaking down to those who oppose his view.  The method he attacks the lashes out against those who would contradict him such as the conservative reporter Megyn Kelly who as a woman appears to have exposed his true nature.

To what level would Mr. Trump go if he were to become president?  What level of impulsive actions would he take.  He can’t fire Congress but he can do allot of damage to nation just to defend his ego.

Like another such politician rose in recent years in a country we were once in a Cold War against and has emerged from the ruling class Oligarchy of Leninist-Stalinist Communism.  A politician who takes rash actions. A politician who leads impetuously though possibly with a much more vociferous manner.

Would Mr. Trump push the limits of presidential power?    Create a nation of chanting followers with his rhetoric similar to that of the 1930’s

Returning immigrants to their country of origin would save the city money by reducing the number of needy families using federal welfare funds and free up jobs for those perceived as “Real Americans.”  – 1930’s  Los Angeles, California county officials

Could he raise chastisement on those that voted for the California “Apology Act for the 1930’s Mexican Repatriation Program” in 2005 with his bravado?  He believes that he could.

Can this country risk such a venture into the unknown psyche of a leader such as Mr. Trump has shown in just a glimpse to those that oppose him, having currently only the power of his money?

Would he decide to seize nations that oppose his views or he feels are in need of protection?  Is he rather an American Putin?  Will Mr. Trump begin to identify the state as himself

“There is no Russia today if there is no Putin” and “any attack on Putin is an attack on Russia.”

– Russian Deputy Chief of Staff  Nov 2014

The BBC reports why many Russians have appeal for Mr. Putin is that he has given them back a sense of pride.

Trump says

The reason I’m thinking about [running for office] is that the United States has become a whipping post for the rest of the world. The world is treating us without respect… America today is missing quality leadership, and foreign countries have quickly realized this. It’s for this reason that The United States is becoming the laughingstock of the world

Trump’s current slogan:

“if I run and if I win, this country will be respected again… Our country will be great again.”

Really is it different than Putin; than the rhetoric against the immigrants of the 1930s;  by other leaders of that time who thought their nations were disrespected?

Is this really how Americans want as to return to being the respected country of the world? Do we really want to do it by bullying those around us into submission?  Is this how we would want the other nations to once again understand how through liberty and justice, America has become and still is the great beacon of a nation?  A country that is showing the world that personal freedom means more than all other freedoms a government can protect; That mistakes can be realized and reformed; that working together and compromise for the greater good can provide for a better, kinder world.

Have we let our political parties of opposition create a climate of fear so as to realize such as John Jays concerns to George Washington?

What I most fear is that the better kind of people by which I mean the people who are orderly and industrious, who are content with their situations and not uneasy in the circumstances, will be led by the insecurity of property, the loss of confidence in our rulers and the want of public faith and rectitude to consider the charms of liberty as imaginary and delusive.  A state of fluctuation and uncertainty must disgust and alarm such men, and prepare their minds for almost any change that may promise them quiet security.

– John Jay to George Washington June 27 1786


To quote George Washington’s reply;

Would to God, that wise measures may be taken in time to avert the consequences.





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